Am I Cool ?

The Am I Cool test consists of 15 questions.

Answers are multiple choice

Your first answer is your final answer.

Statements are selected at random.

Nobody will see your answers - so be honest !

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Cool Information

There are some things in life that are required. Air, water, light and being cool. You may not think of yourself as cool but next time you trip on that paving stone you will want to handle it in a cool way. And that's the question. Just how cool are you ?

Up until now, the only way of finding out if you are cool or not was to walk around looking for a moment to be cool. Maybe you looked in the mirror and though 'yeah, I'm cool'. But that's just you. You need independent, qualified data to inform you of your level of cool and it wasn't available. You can't just go hiring the Fonz for a day to assess your cool rating. And Steve McQueen isn't available. But now, thanks to the work and effort of a dedicated team of developers, you can take a test to find out if you are cool.

We know what you are thinking. You are thinking that no test can do this but this isn't any ordinary test. It's been developed with years of scientific research to acheive one simple goal - a cool rating.

Take the test. Find out and then tell everyone and anyone you know to share the test because sharing the cool test is without question, cool.

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