This is the amazing 'About' page for the Am I Cool test. Yep. This is all there is. Which is so, like, not cool. But at the same time cool.

Is reading the About page of a website cool ?


Eh ?

To be cool, you have to think cool. You have to act cool. You have to become one with cool. There's no good acting all cool and then letting slip at the vital moment. Think of being cool like method acting. You have to get into the character. You have to be at the stage where being cool isn't something you do - it's something you are.

What the heck does that mean ?

Not a lot. The point is that you need to be cool in everything you do. Even when doing the Am I Cool test. Think - can you do this test in a cool way. Laid back in with a vodka martini. Chilled. And part of that is not reading the About page.

Still don't get it.

It's like this. If you are truly cool then you do the cool test because, really, you know you are already cool. You do the test because you are so cool that you don't need to do the test so you do the test because you don't need to. That's cool. But once you have done the test, you don't need to know anymore. It's done. Reading the About page or indeed the Help page (no way - just not cool at all) is, well, not cool.

Damn. So I'm not cool. And then ?

Frankly, there's nothing you can do. You either are cool or you aren't. You can practice. You can focus. But at the end of the day, you aren't going to cut it. Accept that you, at best, are only going to be part cool.

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that The Am I Cool test is just a bit of fun. It's not scientific and it doesn't provide an accurate way of measuring your how cool you are. Only the Fonz can do that.

Enjoy the test !

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