How to play

This is it. The Am I Cool how to play page.

How to take the Am I Cool test

Read the questions. Look at the answers. Click on the one that you would do. Seriously. How uncool are you to even think to read the Help page. Nobody reads help pages. Like nobody asks for map directions. It's just uncool.

Does it matter how long it takes to answer questions ?

You still here ? Take hike, bozo.

And when I have done the test, will I become a cooler person ?

Ah. He (she) who walks the path of wisdom shall become wise. In other words, no. You see it's like this. If you keep checking your bank balance, it won't go up. You keep checking your watch, time doesn't go faster. Life isn't like that.

Can I play it more than once ?

Yes. But remember this. That ain't cool.

Just A Bit Of Fun

Finally, it's important to understand that the Am I Cool test is just a bit of fun. We can't really tell if you are cool or not. And even if we could, we are waaaay to cool to tell you. Being cool isn't a science. It's an art form. A way of life.

Enjoy the test !

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